Cep (Porcino) Risotto
  1. Boil the risotto rice with the water and salt
  2. Shortly before the rice is ready stir in the margarine.
  3. Soak in the dried mushrooms in the vegetable stock (prepare it with boiling water).
  4. Depending on the desired intensity, squeeze the dried mushrooms out, or then not. If you want to have it really mild, you can even briefly rinse them. The soaking water you can filter with a coffee filter (there is often some sand inside) and add it later to the rice, in case you want to intensify the taste.
  5. WHen the rice is ready, add the mushrooms to it and also the dried yeast and the vinegar/white wine and stir it in.
  6. Season it with the black pepper. If needed, add more mushroom water, vinegar or yeast, depending on your taste.

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