Scrambled Tofu
One often faced issue on Saturday or Sunday morning is, how to boost the breakfast! One really good way that keeps you also going for quite a while is the scrambled tofu. Of course it tastes different than scrambled eggs, but it is so delicious that I would say it tastes better than eggs. We always make a large portion so that we have something for the next day and find ourselves then in the situation that we need to do it the next day again.
  • 300g Smoked TofuIf not available also natural tofu is alright
  • 1tsp Kala NamakIndian stone salt that has a strong, eggy taste
  • 1pcs Onion
  • 2pcs MushroomsOptional, if not available, just don’t bother and ignore that line
  • Curcuma
  • Oilsome neutral tasting
  1. Grind the Kala Namak to a fine salt (it usually comes in a stony form)
  2. Put the Tofu together with the curcuma and the kala namak and a good amount of oil in a bowl and mix it with a fork
  3. Chop the onions roughly, and start to fry them in a pan. Just before they become translucent, add the tofu and fry it together with high heat.
  4. When the Tofu has some brown areas, take it away and serve.

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