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Month: June 2024

Project presentation

Project presentation

🌱 Discover Tribiome: a pioneering European project that delves into the complexities of microbiomes in agriculture.

Soil microbiomes 🌿 play a crucial role in the transition towards more sustainable agriculture. By understanding and harnessing this microscopic world 🦠, we can find solutions to current challenges related to the environment, food security, and climate change. 🌾

📹 Watch the presentation video of Tribiome, initiated by Wagralim, the Agri-Food Innovation Cluster of Wallonia and its partners with the help of Studio Chamberlin and learn more about this groundbreaking project:

Wagralim, the Agri-Food Innovation Cluster of Wallonia | ITENE | Universidad de Burgos | ASAJA (Asociación Agraria-Jóvenes Agricultores) | ValGenetics | SIMAVI Software Imagination & Vision | Rete Semi Rurali ETS | Natural Resources Institute Finland / Luonnonvarakeskus | Particula Group | Grupo Fertiberia