A classical German cake in autumn is the plum cake. It is basically a must to eat it with whipped cream.

Exactly my type of humor

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In Germany abortions are illegal, but are not prosecuted, if they are performed within the first 12 pregnancy weeks and after the woman went to two(?!) consulting meetings. One thing that is, however, prosecuted is when a doctor advertises his or her service for abortion, especially if they have any financial interest or such. 

There was now a doctor in Germany who wrote on her webpage, that she performs abortions amd for an initiative called ‘Nie wieder!’ that was enough to suit her for violation of that paragraph 219a. The reason for doing so is, that the doctor shouldn’t advertise her service. The story becomes funny, when one notices that the head of that ‘Nie Wieder!’ association runs a webpage called , where he lists some kind of ‘list of shame’ of doctors in Germany who perform or did perform abortions. In other words, they have a much more complete list of people whom to contact for an abortion than anybody else and they even do that PUBLIC!

So what do those guys want?! They suit individuals for advertising a service (that should be removed in their opinion), but offer at the same time a complete list of people who also offer that service. Seriously, what is the rational behind some peoples doing?!


It has been a while

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Today I realized, it has been a while that I added any content to this page, my apologies for that. It has been some kind of a summer… Lot of things happened, that kept me from writing things here, but I hope now things are getting more regular again.

I started today to improve the Recipe section on the page, I think it will be now much more convenient to navigate through the different recipes, I also continued to add more recipes to the page.

Scrambled Tofu

A warm, egg-like dish that perfectly fits for long breakfasts on Saturday/Sunday mornings