Remmina connection problem

Remmina connection problem

I tried today to connect to a Windows 7 computer using Remmina version 1.2.0 from my Kubuntu 18.04 and received this error message:

Telling that I requested an H264 GFX mode for the server … but that my library libfreerdp does not support H264.

After a bit of research I found that one solution is to use a different colour depth and then it would work again – unfortunately, it is not that easy to find that in the Quick connect settings or in the preference. The way to go is to click on the + on the top left. Yes, look carefully, there is a + in the upper left corner!!! Right next to the ‘RDP’ – Dropdown menu. To be fair, this ‘+’ might be easier to see in a different theme, but the Linux Mint default theme is apparently having an issue here…

However, once we clicked on that we get the old dialogue like shown below and we can change the colour depth to True colour or something similar instead of GFX…

After changing the colour depth, I could connect to my Windows 7 computer.

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