I wrote a couple of Snakemake pipelines for various bioinformatics use cases:

Pipeline – GBS Pipeline to perform a Genotyping by Sequencing analysis
GitHub: fischuu/Pipeline-GBS

Pipeline – Metagenome Pipeline to run a metagenomics analysis, not stable yet.
GitHub: fischuu/Pipeline-Metagenome
Changelog: changelog.md

Pipeline – MiRNA Pipeline to runa a microRNA analysis
GitHub: fischuu/Pipeline-miRNA

Pipeline – RNAseq Pipeline to run a RNAseq analysis
GitHub: fischuu/Pipeline-RNA-seq

Pipeline – SequencingQC Quality checks for a NextSeq sequencing run
GitHub: fischuu/Pipeline-SequencingQC

Pipeline – WGS Variant-calling pipeline based on GATK4 best practice
GitHub: fischuu/Pipeline-WGS-VariantCalling

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