It has happened again

It has happened again

It has happened again, no idea how and why, but still I haven’t updated the Blog now for a while. Many things have happened actually, though that shouldn’t be a reason not to write anything here, but – on the contrary – rather should be a reason to update the page. Hence, I do not know why I haven’t managed to keep the News and or the content updated. I’ll try again to improve it and keep the page a bit more alive.

I started with updating the Photo folders, actually, you do not see any differences right now, but I started to move the pictures from Flickr away and host them now here on this webspace, as flickr only allows 1000 free pictures and I reached already around 700. In that sense, it was better to use the own webspace, instead of going Pro with flickr.

But during tat transition, I’ll also update the albums and add the latest pictures to the webpage, this will be one of the major improvements in close future.

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